Benny the 'Boiler'

'Neglected and taken for granted - Benny's Story'
Do you neglect and take your Central Heating Boiler for granted?

This is something many of us do and then panic when something goes wrong.
So many find themselves left in the cold with no heating or hot water and at the most inconvenient times, e.g. guests arriving at weekends or worse at Christmas/New year. "Why oh why didn't I get my boiler serviced?". Sound familiar? Next dilemma is whom do I call? A plumber?, an electrician?, perhaps a local handyman. So many don't really know, so for the less well informed the answer is a qualified oil fired technician, preferably one who is insured and registered with OFTEC, the industries regulating body.

Help in times of need
To emphasize the importance of this and by way of the illustration we should listen to what Benny the Boiler has to say. Benny is typical hard working boiler that keeps you warm, cosy and happy for many months of the year. If you could sit down and have a chat with Benny here is what you are likely to hear;
Benny BoilerWell here I am, all tuckered out and uncared for, even though I have kept the cold at bay and supplied you with hot water the year round. This year I also made it without assistance (but quite a number of my pals didn't and needed the attention of the friendly boiler man to get them going again), but was I working my best? The answer is "NO", because my owner neglects me, takes me for granted, and to be honest it has been a struggle. What he doesn't realise or understand is that it is costing extra all the time, not to mention the unnecessary pollution of the atmosphere, you atmosphere! I haven't been serviced in ages so I am not running at my optimum efficiency, am burning extra fuel, emitting unnecessary flue gases and generally not being environmentally friendly. But it's not my fault. My owner sees me working so no need to worry about me.
Benny Boiler
I'm sure you get the picture. Fortunately oil can be burnt at very high levels of efficiency with the modern oil equipment provided. This means flue gas release is minimal., reducing your carbon footprint, but only if you keep your boiler properly serviced, commissioned and maintained. A visibly smoking flue means your boiler is in a bad way. Even where smoke is not obviously visible, this does not mean your boiler is working efficiently and not releasing unnecessary fumes into the atmosphere. This can only be detected and corrected through proper combustion analysis test carried out by a qualified engineer using specialist equipment, which should form part of the annual service.
Benny Boiler
Why, then do so many of us not look after these piece of equipment in the way we should. Hard to answer when you consider the positive reasons for doing so. By way of conclusion there is a little bit of 'green' in most of us, some of course a darker shade than others, but nonetheless it is there and care for our environment is a burning issue at the present time. Simply by having your boiler properly maintained you could play your part in this regard. Imagine if all the boilers in the country performing at their best, wouldn't that alone have a huge impact? That said a good number of us do look after our boilers but alas, this is outweighed by the number of us who don't. We at B-warmed want to play our part in lessening your carbon footprint, reducing your running costs, enhancing the efficiency of your unit and giving you extra peace of mind. Why not give us the opportunity to do so! You'll be glad you did!

B-WARMED and stay warm

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