Oil Tank Security

The recent price rise in heating oil has lead to a growing number of thefts from domestic oil tanks particularly in Northern Ireland. With many oil tanks sited in quiet rural backwaters, thieves often have the chance to drain tanks completely unnoticed. Usually it is only when people run out of oil that the theft becomes apparent, but regularly making a note of oil levels and taking simple preventative measures will help to ensure you are not a victim.

Tipping Warning
With today's soaring oil prices, some in a bid to get the last drop out of a tank, are resorting to tipping their tanks up. This action can significantly damage the boiler as dirt from the tank blocks pipes and may require a replacement burner.
Tipping can also fracture the feed pipe which could result in an oil spillage leading to a costly environmental clean up.

Tank Security Advice
- Check the level of fuel in your tank regularly so you are sure none has gone missing and you always know how much oil you have

- Consider fitting an Oil level monitor, making it easy and simple to keep tabs on your oil level - Ask your B-warmed technician who can supply and fit

- Buy a padlock for your tank. Most tanks can be locked at the inspection cover, there are also lockable filler caps available that can be retrofitted to oil tanks

- Install security lights that come on when there is movement in the garden

- Consider having a simple alarm system fitted. An inexpensive infra-red model will alert you if there is an intruder on your property

- Be vigilant. If there is a tanker or suspicious vehicle in the area spend a few moments thinking about what they are doing. Listen for the sound of an electric pump coming from the vehicle as this is how thieves siphon fuel from the tank

- If your tank is in a remote area, consider having it moved to a more visible spot. Do not try to conceal it with a fence or panels as this could be illegal and a potential fire hazard

- Report any suspicious activity to the police

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